Kevin Miller is joined by Idaho Governor Butch Otter.  The governor shares his memories of serving his country during the Vietnam War.  Kevin Miller and Governor Otter go over concerns about jobs, the economy, and education.


Kevin Miller talks to Reverend Bill Roscoe of the Boise Rescue Mission.  Reverend Bill talks about his experience in Vietnam.  He praises all the sacrifices of his fellow veterans.


Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Mike Crapo live from Washington DC.  Senator Crapo gives his insight into the ISIS/ISIL threat.  Kevin Miller and Senator Crapo examine the economic future of Idhao and America.


Kevin Miller speaks with Henry Parker about the history of the Purple Heart.  Mr. Parker describes his history as a combat veteran.  He urges everyone to stop by this weekend to see the display.


Kevin Miller looks at Scottish Independence and wonders if Idaho could ever leave the Untied States.  He goes over the hearing yesterday in Congress concerning boots on the ground in Syria.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion.


Kevin Miller interviews Terry from Cloverdale Funeral Home.  Terry describes the ceremony tonight at 5 and that the Wall will be at Cloverdale till Sunday.  The public is invited and it's free.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss today's event at Cloverdale Funeral Home.  Kevin is describing the American Veteran's Traveling Tribute which is in town.  The discussion switches to the NFL and the CBS Television show Big Brother.