Kevin Miller is joined by welding student Jonathan Rathamone who shares his dream of becoming a welder.  He tells Kevin he 'likes to burn metal.'  Kevin and Jonathan discuss how Dennis Technical Center teaches trades and real life skills to students.


Kevin Miller speaks with Electronics Teacher Nathan Day about the program at Dennis Technical Center.  Nathan explains how learning electronics help students get good paying jobs once they graduate.

Kevin Miller reviews the president's speech yesterday and takes calls on the topic.


Kevin Miller interviews Jan Bennetts from the Ada County Prosecutors Office.  She explains the amount of domestic violence and child abuse crimes in Ada County.  Kevin Miller and Jan Bennetts remind everyone about tonight's rally to end domestic violence and child abuse at Foothills Christian Church beginning at 7pm.


Kevin Miller goes one on one with computer technology teacher Buddy Heywood.  They go over the demands of teaching technology in today's tech world.  Buddy and Kevin Miller end their conversation with a Game of Thrones reference.


Kevin Miller interviews student Caden Moncur about his school day.  Caden reports that he's taking advantage of the EMT program.  He tells Kevin Miller he wants to be an lifeflight EMT.


Kevin Miller interviews Scott Moore, a collusion repair instructor at Dennis Technical Institute.  Mr. Moore gives tips on how to find a good auto body repair shop.  He shares the curriculum at the school.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the president's speech at the United Nations.  Kevin breaks down last night's air strike on ISIS/ISIL.  Kevin Miller and Dave dispute the controversy involving the president's salute.