Kevin Miller interviews Allison Gee, Hillside Junior High School Representative, and Greg Taylor, Hillside Junior High School Librarian, on student life and the resources available to students.

Kevin Miller looks at the CCA story on the front page of the statesman.


Kevin Miller is joined by Christian Lim, Hillside Junior High Bridge Counselor, who describes how many refugee students attend the school.  Mr. Lim shares what it's like for someone who has just moved to America and is attending school.


Kevin Miller speaks with Natalie Faraca, Hillside Junior High Booster Club President, about student life.  Kevin asks her about the textbook situation and Natalie describes how she helps her kids learn.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the Alma imprisonment.  Several folks call into voice their support for Alma.


Kevin Miller get's an update from Alma's husband Jim.  Alma is still in jail and he reports that he has seen her.  Kevin plays a message from Alma and Gary from Star's criticism of the Alma coverage.


Kevin Miller interviews Darylyn Anderson, Volleyball Coach, and Sandy Wargo, counselor, at Hillside Junior High School.  They discuss student behavior and the diversity of the student population.  Kevin Miller looks at the front page story involving the CCA and the governor.


Kevin Miller interviews Manny Enrico a Physical Education Teacher at Hillside Junior High School.  They discuss the physical fitness at the junior high school level.  Mr. Enrico shares his 28 years experience teaching kids.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's television debates.  They go over what's needed to help the economy and boost education in Idaho.  Kevin Miller and Dave look over the coverage of Ebola and discuss the difference between reporting and hysteria.