Kevin Miller speaks with CHS Alumnus and parent Scott Poulson and his son Conner, a senior, at CHS.  Connor reports on life as the quarterback of CHS and balancing academics with athletics.  Scott talks about his experience as a student and parent to several graduates of CHS.


Kevin Miller interviews CHS Teacher, Alumnus, and Basketball Coach Paul Rush.  Mr. Rush goes indepth on the time management skills that student athletes develop at CHS.  He shares the successes of the AVID Program in the Boise School System.


Kevin Miller hears from the Jazz Band as they perform live to open up the segment.  Kevin Miller speaks with Blas Telleria, a CHS Alumnus and Teacher, about parent /teacher conferences at CHS.  They talk about Mr. Telleria's career as a tight end during the Jake Plummer Era.


Kevin Miller relieves the 80s with Capital High School Teacher Matt Jacobsen.  Mr. Jacobsen graduated Capital High School in 1988.  They discuss how students are motivated in today's technologically driven world.


Kevin Miller hears a cheer from the Capital High School Dance Team.  Kevin Miller interviews Capital High School Biology and Media Teacher Rob Parsons.  Mr. Parsons graduated from Capital in 1974.  He shares stories of how technology has changed education.


Kevin Miller speaks with Capital High School Principal Jon Ruzicka from Capital High School.  They discuss how Capital prepares students for college, fifty years on Capital High, and safety in high school football.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's World Series.  They discuss the merits of baseball verses the other sports.  Kevin and Dave move onto the nurse in Maine who will not be quarantined.  Kevin previews tonight's big debate.