Kevin Miller interviews Mark Jerome a student at Borah High School.  He tells Kevin about his dream of owning and running a barbeque restaurant.  Kevin Miller discusses the pro and cons of fracking in Idaho.  He takes calls on the price of gasoline.


Kevin Miller speaks with Borah Student Sara Christensen who is involved in student council and run cross country.  They look at the school day and talk about zero hour that begins at 6:53AM.


Kevin Miller gets some information from Jesse from the American Red Cross.  She reveals that students at Borah High School have donated blood to the Red Cross for over twenty years.  Those students have saved lives in the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miler interviews Borah AVID Teacher Amy Everson and AVID student Emily.  They go over the differences in the AVID program compared to others.  Kevin Miller looks at fracking in Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with Borah Teacher English Teacher Rod Wray.  He describes how teaching keeps him young.  Mr. Wray reveals that every student at Borah registers for college.


Kevin Miller speaks with Borah High School Principal Tim Standlee.  They look at how Borah continues to education the over 1,600 students that attend the school.  Mr. Standlee speaks about the growing role of technology.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the future of ARod and whether or not he's a roll model.  Kevin Miller shares the story of John Challis, a boy with terminal cancer who died, that met Alex Roderigous.  Kevin Miller shares his personal experiences going to the hospital and dealing with insurance companies.