Kevin Miller is joined by Luke Yeates and Nathaneal Powell, two student who compete nationally in debate and speech contests. Kevin Miller hosts a debate between the two students on whether college football players should be paid.


Kevin Miller speaks with Martha Timberlake, Department Chair for Social and Behavioral Sciences, at CWI.  They discuss the merging of the social sciences and technology in today's world.


Kevin Miller is joined by Joi Deter of CWI.  They take a look at the outside activities that students participate in at College of Western Idaho.  Joi discusses student life and the goals of students.


Kevin Miller is gets the latest on the Powersports program from student Steven Hernandez.  The program covers repair of snowmobiles, lawn mowers, and other recreational equipment.  Kevin asks about the changes in technology to small business motors and learns that fuel injection engines are replacing carburetors.


Kevin Miller speaks with Will Fanning, Dean Professional Technical Education, at CWI.  They discuss what graduates have to accomplish to be job ready.  Kevin Miller takes an in depth look at the growing need for technical education in the workplace.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jennifer Couch, Executive Director Marketing and Advancement.  They take at why CWI is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the country.  Kevin Miller takes a look at another warning from Washington to Moscow about the Ukraine.


Kevin Miller is broadcasting live from College of Western Idaho.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest local, state, and national issues.  Kevin Miller details his experience with Enterprise Rent A Car.