Kevin Miller gets the latest from Washington DC from Senator Mike Crapo.  The senator previews what the new congress will do and what will happen with the old congress.


Kevin Miller reports on a story involving a Washington State teacher who made an eight year old unplug a toilet with his bare hands.  Kevin Miller takes calls from angry listeners describing what they would do to the teacher if it was their kid.


Kevin Miller reports on the recall of airbags in selected models of cars.  Kevin interviews Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff reports on the hearings before congress on the matter.  They look at the long term effects of an airbag recall.


Kevin Miller looks at the new movie that has the leader of North Korea mad.  Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She details the fallout between North Korea and America over the movie.

Kevin Miller looks at the TSA possibly banning all carry on bags.


Kevin Miller looks at whether folks in Idaho trust police in the Treasure Valley.  Several folks call in to discuss their concerns about law enforcement officers.  Kevin Miller reports that the TSA may ban carry on bags on all air travel.


Kevin Miller interviews David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  They discuss the upcoming legislative schedule and promote tomorrow night's dinner and auction.


Kevin Miller and Dave preview this week's Mountain West Championship Game.  They discuss attendance, the economic impact, and who will win.  Kevin Miller describes how life on airplanes is not what is use to be.

Kevin Miller and Dave look at how to negotiate a better deal when looking for a job.