Kevin Miller gets the latest on Cuba and it's impact on the US Economy from Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  Jared reports on the behind the scenes negotiations that led to the normalizing of relations.

Kevin Miller takes calls on Cuba and Ybarra.


Kevin Miller looks at the job market with national business expert Dave Bego.  Mr. Bego describes his journey of taking a cleaning company from 2 accounts to 5,000 employees in over 30 states.

Heidi Soto, Harmony's Mom, calls into give her daughter's reason for writing the article that criticized  State School Superintendent Elect Sharri Ybarra.


Kevin Miller discusses the article written by Borah High School Senior Harmony Soto.  Ms. Soto wrote an article that she plagiarized with permission from the author.  Kevin Miller took calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller interviews international leadership expert Ron Price.  Mr. Price gives his insight into what makes a great leader in business and life.  He continues to share what it's like to work in China.


Kevin Miller hears the latest on Vladimir Putin from Simon Owen of Fox News Radio.   Simon reviews the Russian Leaders annual address including an update on Putin's love life.

Kevin Miller gives his take on why the president is looking for love from Cuba and Iran.


Kevin Miller interviews Ambassador Francis Rooney about the new relations with Cuba.  The Ambassador reports on how the Pope worked with both sides behind the scenes to make it happen.

Kevin Miller looks at why Sony pulled the movie 'The Interview.'


Kevin Miller and Dave Burnett look at what you should do when you get fired.  Kevin Miller shares what he's done when he's been given the boot.  The guys then look at the local dollars that the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is generating for local charities.