Kevin Miller looks at the killing of Christians around the world with Tonya J Powers of Fox News Radio.

Kevin Miller takes calls on how to stop radical Islam.


Kevin Miller talks to Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch.  Chris tells Kevin what the folks in Idaho should expect from the new congress.  They go over a report concerning a possible cash deal involving the release of Idaho POW Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She reports on the Keystone Pipeline vote.  They discuss what will happen to all who have opposed John Boehner.


Kevin Miller looks at the agenda of the US Congress and the Idaho Legislature.  He opines that both want to raise taxes on gasoline.  Several folks call in to say they do not want gas taxes raised by the feds or state.


Kevin Miller shares a story about illegal immigrants getting drivers licensees in California.  He takes calls on the issue.

Kevin Miller interviews Jessica Golloher of Fox News Radio about the violence in the Middle East.  She reports live from Jerusalem.


Kevin Miller looks at the local reaction to the Paris Newspaper attack.  He examines the lack of freedoms in this country and the rest of the world.  He takes calls from listeners who want America to be more proactive in killing terrorists.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Kevin's blog about two Arizona writers who continue to complain about the Wildcats losing to Boise State.

Kevin Miller reports on the continued foggy conditions in the Treasure Valley.