Kevin Miller shares a clip of Senator Jeff Sessions interviewing Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch.  You can see the exchange here.

Kevin Miller takes calls on whether or not illegals immigrants should be allowed to work in America.


Kevin Miller takes predictions on whether the house committee will move HB2 out of committee.  Several folks call in to say that they do not want the bill moved to the full house.


Kevin Miller is joined by Major Dan Rooney promoting Folds of Honor.

Political Consultant Mike Tracy gives his take on the future of the Boulder White Clouds.


Kevin Miller comments and takes calls from listeners reacting to the last day of testimony from the 'Add the Words' hearings.


Kevin Miller reviews the latest attempt by the feds to take land from Idaho.  He shares the story of Frank Church staffers writing the president urging him to take the Boulder White Clouds.


Kevin Miller reviews the last day of testimony of the 'Add the Words' hearing.  Several folks call in to voice their opposition of the HB2.

Kevin Miller reports on the deal between ISIS and the Jordain and Japanese Governments.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss day 3 of the 'Add the Words' testimony at the statehouse.  Kevin Miller predicts that the committee will not move the bill to the full house floor.