Kevin Miller is joined in studio by property rights advocate Alma Hasse.  They look at the loss of local mineral and land rights for Idaho Residents.  She reports on the amount of fracking in Idaho and its possible damage to the environment.

Kevin Miller and Alma take calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller interviews Gregg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  Gregg is presenting a constitutional carry bill before a committee today in the Idaho House.


Kevin Miller discusses the threats from ISIS, Iran, and China with noted reporter Bill Gertz.

Kevin Miller reports that Idaho residents may have to get a passport to get on an airplane soon.


Kevin Miller looks at a recent congressional hearing featuring Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.  The meeting was specific to the budget and that we're running out of money at the Federal Level.


Kevin Miller reports on the presidential prospects of Jeb Bush.  Kevin Miller then shares a story involving how much the Idaho Education Network is costing the state of Idaho.

He then reviews the comments of Brian Williams concerning his lying about being shot down in Iraq.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss all the local media attention to national signing day.  They look at the on air apology from NBC's Brian Williams.