Kevin Miller interviews Kimba Shaw from Love Inc.  She shares with Kevin Miller what her group does to help folks in need in the Treasure Valley.  If you need help from a faith based group her number is 377-3502.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center.  Mr. Gainor reports on the latest developments in the Brian Williams story.  He and Kevin Miller look at the mainstream media's promotion of fifty shades of grey.

Kevin Miller gets a second amendment update from Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.


Kevin Miller looks at the shooting of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He is joined by Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio.

Kevin Miller reports on the IRS's plan to give tax refunds to illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes.


Kevin Miller speaks with Vernon Robinson from the draft Ben Carson presidential committee.  Mr. Robinson goes over Dr. Carson's qualifications for the presidency.


Kevin Miller interviews Coby Tigert who is organizing a sportsman's rally at the Idaho Statehouse today at noon.  Coby wants the Feds to run and take over Idaho's lands.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to Coby's statements.


Kevin Miller reports on the Senate hearing that debated having gaming machines in Idaho Horse Racing Tracks.  Kevin Miller goes over the president's invoking the 'War Powers Act' for an authorization of force against ISIS.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the move by Boise State Assistant Coach Mark Sanford leaving the program to coach at the University of Notre Dame.  Kevin Miller shares the details of a credit card scam that happened to him.