Kevin Miller listens to a group of Rolling Hills 3rd graders who sing him a song.  Kevin Miller interviews Scot Carley, chairman of the school board.  Tea Party Bob calls in to spar with Kevin


Kevin Miller is joined by Rolling Hills teacher Rebekah Wherry.  She tells Kevin how she keeps the attention of her kids so they learn the material.  She advises parents to get involved in their kids education.  Kevin takes a look at the IRS hearings.


Kevin Miller is joined by Rolling Hills parent and school board member.  She details the challenges of funding a charter school and the innovative programs that they've developed here.  Patriot Ray calls in to talk about Nigeria.


Kevin Miller interviews Rolling Hills parent Rachel Tracy on the curriculum at the school.  She discusses the successes and challenges of education in Idaho.  Kevin Miller talks to Tom Munds about education and what to do in Nigeria.


Kevin Miller discusses the possible arrest of Lois Lerner for contempt of congress.  Kevin Miller looks at Big Ed's latest attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon.  Kevin Miller is rejoined by Mr. Pratt discussing Common Core.


Kevin Miller interviews Rolling Hills Principal Shane Pratt.  They discuss funding, motivation, and the test drive program today.  Mr. Pratt explains how to motivate kids in today's world.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the NFL Draft.  Kevin questions the alleged popularity of the draft and Dave expands on its growth.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Michael Jordan's recent comments on race and the FEC going after the conservatives.