Kevin Miller is joined by the choir and senior Greenleaf Academy Senior Madison Stinson.  She describes her time at Greenleaf and her future at the University of Idaho.  Kevin looks at the primary election.


Kevin Miller is joined by GreenLeaf Athletic Director Larry Taylor who is the Idhao 1A athletic director of the year.  They talk students benefiting from being involved in sports.  Kevin smacks a caller from Eugene who tries to hijack the show.


Kevin Miller is joined by Kathy Hazen who is a parent and a teacher at Greenleaf Friends Academy.  They discuss the lives of the students here and in the Treasure Valley.  Mrs. Hazen describes the balance between being a parent and educator.


Kevin Miller speaks with Greenleaf Friends Principal Jeff Metcalf a 1988 graduate of Greenleaf.  They compare private verses public education and what parents can do to get the most out of schools.  Mr. Metcalf explains Common Core on the private school level.  Kevin takes calls about last night's gubernatorial debate.


Kevin Miller interviews Bri Holman and her mom.  They talk about Bri's time at Greenleaf and her mom tells everyone how proud she is of her.  Kevin revists


Kevin Miller is joined Ellen Morse Advancement Director at Greenleaf Friends Academy.  They take a look at the end of the school year and what students can do to get ready for next year.  Kevin asks about the academic requirements at the school.


Kevin Miller is broadcasting live from GreenLeaf Friends Academy.  He is joined by celebrity co-host Pat from Middleton.  They both speak with Dave during the manly man segment.  They discuss the end of the TV show Two and a Half Men.  Kevin brings up last night's Idaho Governor's debate.