Kevin Miller interviews Sage students Alek and Madison.  They speak about Sage and how their learning is different from other schools in Idaho and across the country.  Kevin looks at the growing VA scandal.  He looks at the general election coming up in November.


Kevin Miller interviews Ella and Outdoor Program Instructor Alex Olsen.  They discuss how the outdoor program enhances the education process at Sage.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the naming of Bronco Stadium.


Kevin Miller interviews Sage Design Technology Guy Falconer and Graham a student at Sage.  They discuss the programs at Sage and the benefits to students.  Kevin Miller interviews Senator Russ Fulcher.  Senator Fulcher offers his perspective on the election.  He details what's next for him personally and the Idaho Republican Party.


Kevin Miller is joined by Keith Donahue, director of facilities and operations at Sage International.  They discuss the evolving needs of students in the ever changing technology driven world.   Kevin looks at the naming rights of Bronco Stadium.


Kevin Miller speaks with Don Keller Executive Director Sage International.  They discuss the differences between Sage and other schools in the country.  Kevin asks Mr. Keller about how to solve the educational challenges schools face in Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with Sage students Kirsten and Solveig.  They discuss learning and their favorite subjects.  Kevin then looks at the VA Scandal and the naming of Bronco Stadium.  He takes calls on the issues.


Kevin Miller is broadcasting live from Sage International School in Boise.  He's joined by Dave and they discuss the naming of Bronco Stadium.  Kevin Miller breaks down the president's speech on the VA Scandal.  They take a look at the president's comments on the VA Scandal.