Kevin Miller speaks with Kuna Middle School Athletic Director Ashley McNeal.  They discuss concussions and the invocations in football gear.  Kevin and Ashley discuss the importance of sports in middle school.


Kevin Miller is joined by Todd Erickson, president and CEO of CAP Ed, discussing the promote our schools program.  Mr. Erickson details how Cap Ed provides teacher grants.  He explains the web site www.weloveteachers.org.  Kevin asks Mr. Erickson about the financial education programs that Cap Ed supports.

Kevin Miller hears from the Kuna Middle School Choir and is joined by Kuna parent James Duxbury.  Mr. Duxbury provides a parent's perspective on parental involvement and the chrome books program.



Kevin Miller is joined by Kuna School Student Blake who describes his time at Kuna Middle School.  He speaks of activities involving learning and sports at Kuna.  Blake share his knowledge of the chrome books.  Kuna Teacher Shelby Harris stops by with an update on the Kahn Academy program.  Kevin Miller looks at the reaction to the VA scandal and asks is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor.



Kevin Miller speaks with Kuna Middle School Language Arts Teacher Valerie Miller. She explains the robotics program at Kuna.  Mrs. Miller then details the program from Carnegie Mellon that students here are using daily to further their education skills.


Kevin Miller interviews Kuna Middle School Math Teacher Emily Leckie.  She explains the one on one project where Kuna students use Google Chrome to learn math.  She describes how teachers are working to become better educators.  Kevin Miller shares the reaction from congress to the VA Scandal.


Kevin Miller is joined by Kuna Middle School Principal Deb McGrath.  They discuss the end of the school year and what parents can do to help their kids learn.  Kevin and Principal McGrath look at the changing curriculum, the core standards, and technology in the classroom.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss several news stories from last night.  They react to Edward Snowden's interview with Brian Williams.  Kevin takes issue with the growing VA Scandal in Washington.  Kevin Miller urges Idaho's congressional delegation to step up for all veterans.