Kevin Miller introduces the principal of North Junior High Dr. Teri Thaemert while the jazz band plays in the background.  Kevin Miller discusses how a principal runs a junior high and how the students are preparing for high school.


Kevin Miller speaks with North Junior High School counselor Laura Mundy about career options for students today.  Kevin takes a look how students determine what classes students will take in high school in college.


Kevin Miller is joined by North Junior High students Henry and Mariem.  They take Kevin Miller through their daily lives as students and speak about their favorite subjects.


Kevin Miller speaks with Lynn Doucette who teaches English at North Junior High.  Kevin Miller asks about the new English standards and how students are responding to them.  They take a look at the implementation of new technology in the classroom.


Kevin Miller speaks with Andrew Porter who is an English teacher at North Junior High.  Kevin asks about the curriculum and how to motivate students with books in the age of tablets and cell phones.


Kevin Miller is joined by Mike Price and Mike Rhinard from North Junior High.  They discuss education and athletics at junior high level.  Kevin Miller and the group discuss what motivates students today.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the breaking news in the IRS scandal.  They look at whether or not Elijah Cummings directed the IRS to go after conservative groups.  Kevin Miller  brings up the standoff between the BLM and a rancher in Nevada.