Kevin Miller looks at few issues.  He previews the anti-campus carry demonstration scheduled for 1230pm today.  Kevin explains the controversy involving a mother suing Delta Airlines over her right to breastfeed in the air.  He airs Joe Biden's comments on urging single moms to quit their jobs because of Obama Care.


Kevin Miller explores the passing of the AG Gag Bill and its impact on the economy.  Animal rights activities threaten to sue the state if the governor signs the bill.  Kevin takes calls on the first amendment.


Kevin Miller speaks with Idaho State Senator Steven Thayn.  They examine the funding of education in the Gem State and the controversy involving Common Core.  Senator Thayn goes over the budget, local control, and other issues.


Kevin Miller continues to examine the 'add the words' campaign controversy in Idaho.  Several folks call in and voice their opinions on the issue.  Kevin Miller discusses the house passing the AG Gag bill yesterday.


Kevin Miller takes a look at Arizona's Religious Freedom Bill.  He compares the economic clout demonstrated by the NFL, media, MLB, to bullying.  Kevin then looks at the politics of Idaho verses Arizona.  He then shares an editorial by former Governor Phil Batt endorsing the 'Add the Words' campaign.


Kevin Miller speaks with Greg Pruett of the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance.  They discuss the opposition to gun bills currently in the legislature.  Kevin details the rally today at the statehouse today at 1230 against campus carry.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at a local woman who divorced her husband and wants to marry a convict or inmate.  They examine the fallout over Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's veto of the religious liberty bill.  Kevin Miller points out how political sports media has become.

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