Kevin Miller speaks with Mathew Scott about the fundraiser this weekend at Kleiner Park in Meridian benefiting the Boise Tiny House Association.


Kevin Miller interviews Dr. Karen Cross who is opposed to HB181.  The bill would limit the Naturopathic doctors in the state.  Several patients call in to voice their opposition to HB181.


Kevin Miller looks at the future of horse racing in Idaho.  He takes calls on the issue.  Kevin Miller reports on the story of ISIS targeting American Service Personnel at home.


Kevin Miller interviews Julie Lynde concerning legislative issues before the Idaho House and Senate.  Several folks call in with questions on their impact.

Kevin Miller reviews the Ted Cruz presidential announcement.



Kevin Miller reports on the Transgendered South Junior High School Student who has gained both criticism and support.  He takes calls on the issue from both sides.


Kevin Miller speaks with Phil Kerpin from America Commitment.  Mr. Kerpin describes the impact of the FCC's decision to regulate the internet.

Kevin Miller looks at pay raises for Idaho Teachers.  He gives the latest news on the plane crash in Europe.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest concerning the plane crash in Europe.  Kevin goes over his adventures in aviation while flying back from the East.

Kevin Miller looks at the future of horse racing in Idaho.