Kevin Miller discusses two stories.  One involving a bill proposed by Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina that would require members of congress to fly coach instead of first class.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the GOP's push for immigration/amnesty.


Kevin Miller speaks with intelligence analyst Kerry Patton.  Kerry details the latest in Iran, Russia, Nigeria, and Benghazi.


Kevin Miller is joined the friends of the Kuna School District.  They look at the upcoming levy vote and take calls from listeners for and against the levy.


Kevin Miller discusses the GOP's move to amnesty.  He looks at the endorsement of Senator Fulcher for governor by Congressman Labrador. Kevin takes calls on the issue and listens to callers.


Kevin Miller takes a look at Eleanor Clift's comments about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  Kevin states that he would like to see more attention on the Benghazi Hearings.  He discusses the Nigerian hostage situation.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the reality shows and TV Shows that have been cancelled.  They look at the feud between Donald Sterling and Magic Johnson involving race relations and the NBA.