Kevin Miller continues his primary coverage as listeners call in with their take on today's primary.  Kevin Miller gives his views on what needs to happen to change the state of Idaho.  He looks at the story involving Chipotle banning guns in their stores.


Kevin Miller looks at Wyoming man fighting the EPA.  Kevin takes calls from listeners concerned about taxes, big bureaucracies, and other primary issues.   Folks continue to call in and want the incumbents out.


Kevin Miller interviews Chris Rich from the Ada County Clerk on today's primary elections.  They discuss probable voter turnout and the hours of voting.  Chris urged folks to vote today and to turn in their mail in ballots.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the beef recall and today's primary.


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Radio's Steve Taylor.  Mr. Taylor breaks down the big story involving America charging Chinese nationals with cyber theft.  Kevin Miller then takes calls on the primary and listener predictions.  Kevin reveals a beef recall involving over 1.8 million pounds of beef.


Kevin Miller looks at the election and takes calls on today's primary.  He reports on over 250 wolf activist who were at the statehouse yesterday calling for the governor's resignation.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso from Atlanta, Georgia.  Dave goes in depth concerning the Direct TV and AT&T merger.  Dave talks about the local impact of this merger and what it means to consumers if approved.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at Oregon's decision to allow same sex couples to marry.  Kevin believes that they are other stories to cover in Idaho.  He and Dave go back and forth on the issue.