Kevin Miller interviews William Gheen from Americans for Legal Immigration.  They discuss the crisis on the board, the death of immigration reform this year, and who is really protecting America's Borders.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Carlson of Triple A Idaho.  They discuss the holiday travel weekend, the 80mph speed limit, and the rising cost of gas.

Kevin Miller hears from Kathy, who along with Phil Hardy continue to promote Soccer.  Several folks call in to share their views.


Kevin Miller and Phil Hardy debate the merits of today's USA verses Belgium.  Phil tries to convince Kevin that Soccer is growing in America today.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who debate the merits of Soccer with Phil.


Kevin Miller is joined by attorney Joe Filicetti discussing the recent Supreme Court decisions involving Hobby Lobby and unions.  Joe gives Kevin advice on what to do and not to do if arrested.


Kevin Miller interviews Greg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  They discuss the campus carry becoming law today.  Kevin and Gregg look at the enhanced conceal carry permit.

Kevin and Greg look at today's World Cup Match between Belgium and America.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Supreme Court decisions yesterday concerning unions and Hobby Lobby.  Kevin shares his Facebook experience on the Hobby Lobby topic.  Kevin wonders whether someone can be best friends with a husband and a wife at the same time.