Kevin Miller goes live to London to speak with Simon Owen from Fox News Radio.  Simon reports on Russia suing McDonalds for poor food quality.  Kevin then takes calls on the immigration and gay rights issues.


Kevin Miller is joined by Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council.  Ken explains how much Western Land the Feds claim compared to the East Coast.  Kevin and Ken preview the upcoming November elections concerning the lands issue.


Kevin Miller speaks with Steve Taylor of Fox News Radio.  Steve goes over the newest state department report detailing religious persecution.  Kevin Miller reviews his interview with Mike Tracy and takes calls on the immigration issue.


Kevin Miller interviews political consultant Mike Tracy.  Mike goes over AJ Balukoff's agenda.  Mike goes in depth detailing Idaho's wolf problem.  Kevin Miller and Mike look at the state of the GOP and Governor Otter's reelection prospects.


Kevin Miller looks at the fight between Jim from Star and Gun Totting Pat at Lionheart Tactical.  Kevin invites everyone to join the 'oasis of the politically incorrect.'  Kevin shares the story of the illegal immigrants protesting at the White House.


Kevin Miller interviews Jonathan Whoolstetter from the Discovery Institute.  They go over the latest in Gaza and the border.


Kevin Miller and Robin discuss the latest overnight news.  Kevin shares a few postcards from a listener that are critical of him.  Robin reacts with laughter and a few questions.  They both debate what is and isn't an American made car.