Kevin Miller discusses the threat of flash floods in the Treasure Valley with a regional expert.  Kevin looks at the recent flash floods in California and offer tips on safety.


Kevin Miller debates fracking in Idaho with Alma the anti-fracker.  Alama believes that fracking will ruin the Idaho Lifestyle.  Kevin Miller opens up the phone lines and several people call in to join the debate.


Kevin Miller is joined by Eben Brown of Fox News Radio.  Mr. Brown reports on the story involving the marine who is being held in a Mexican Prison.  Kevin Miller looks at the international ramifications of the Marine's imprisonment.


Kevin Miller interviews Naghmeh Abedini concerning her husband Pastor Saeed who is imprisoned by the Iranian Government.  She goes over the latest attempt to win his freedom.  Kevin Miller shares Senator Ricsh's comments on Pastor Saeed and get's Naghmeh's reaction.


Kevin Miller interviews Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, about the GM Recall.  Mr. Morton goes over why GM has set up their compensation fund.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Morton discuss the possible impeachment proceedings.

They continue to look at issues involving liability in the workplace.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Morton look at ADA County Deputies wearing cameras, Optimist Football, and the banning of the bake sales in schools.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the possible end of Tiger Woods.  They look at when it's time to hang in up.  Kevin Miller and Dave examine how many folks from California move to Idaho.