Kevin Miller goes live to London to speak with Fox News Radio's Simon Owen.  They go over the latest in Iraq.  Simon gives Kevin Miller the international perspective of the air strikes on ISIS.

Kevin Miller begins an emotional discussion on suicide and hears from a suicide survivor.


Kevin Miller is joined by 'back to school' specialist Babara Dianis.  She gives helpful tips to help parents get their kids ready for a return to school.  Barbara advises Kevin that parents should start 'pre-learning' past topics to help their kids get ready for day one.  Kevin Miller takes calls on Robin Williams.


Kevin Miller looks at the growing terror threat in Africa with Fox News Radio's Steve Taylor.  Mr. Taylor reports on the United States giving aid to France to help fight local and regional terrorists in Africa.

Kevin Miller shares listener reaction to Robin Williams death.  He shares Robin's six best movie moments from the Wall Street Journal.


Kevin Miller is joined by Carly Fiorinia, former Chairman of HP and Chairman of Unlocking Potential Project.  They look at the economy, jobs, and the future for grassroots women.


Kevin Miller details the sentencing of a 42 local man who has been convicted of his seventh DUI violation.  He has been ordered to serve at least ten years of a possible forty year term.


Kevin Miller reports on an overnight standoff in Caldwell involving the police MRAP.  Kevin takes calls on whether or not this is too much police presence.  Kevin compares the situation to the violence in Missouri.

Kevin Miller plays and shares clips of Robin Williams movies.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the life and times of Robin Williams.  They both talk about Mork from Ork and describe their favorite movies.  Kevin shares movie clips of Robin Williams and Dave reacts to them.