Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Congressman Mike Simpson.  Congressman Simpson and Kevin take calls on the budget, jobs, ISIS/ISIL, and other issues.


Kevin Miller looks at Oregon's efforts to legalize marijuana.  He takes calls on the issue and then goes live to President Obama making a speech on ISIS/ISIL.

Kevin Miller reminds everyone to join him for the Rally Against Domestic Violence this Thursday Night at 7pm at Foothills Christian Church.


Kevin Miller speaks with Emily Wither Fox News Radio from Jerusalem.  She gives the background of last night's missile attacks in Syria.  Emily explains the significance of the Arab Coalition joining the United States.


Kevin Miller examines the attacks on ISIS/ISIL by the United States.  Kevin breaks down the members of the coalition that is helping America.  He takes calls from listeners who believe that we should not be attacking Syria.


Kevin Miller and Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso discuss the NFL's controversy involving child abuse and domestic violence.

Kevin Miller reports that Money Magazine has named Meridian, Idaho the forty ninth best place to live.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with David Limbaugh.  Mr. Limbaugh discusses his new book Jesus on Trial.  They go back and forth concerning God in our lives.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the story on 580 KIDO.com about Idaho's livable wage.  They debate the meaning of capitalism and whether  an employer is responsible for a worker's salary.  Dave compares workers to horses.  Kevin Miller says he's no horse.