Kevin Miller looks at the issue involving the lax security involving the White House and the Secret Service.  He takes calls on the issue from listeners.


Kevin Miller is joined by Joe Messina of therealside.com.  Joe reports on the efforts across the country to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance.   Kevin Miller looks at the issue of domestic terrorism in Moore, Oklahoma.  He takes calls from concerned listeners.


Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio about the US reaction to the Syrian and Iraqi airstrikes.  She shares her experience of working in the White House and comments on the security detail.


Kevin Miller speaks with Chris Farrel of Judicial Watch.  Mr. Farrel details the actions that led to the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Farrel look at the lax security involving the Secret Service and other national issues.


Kevin Miller goes live to the Middle East to speak with Emily Wither of Fox News Radio.  Kevin invites her to the Marconi Party October 17th at Chick Filet on Eagle Road.  Emily reports on the Status Forces Agreement reached between Afghanistan and America.  She explains how the US airstrikes may have united ISIS and other terror groups.

Kevin Miller discusses whether or not a player should pray to Mecca after scoring a touchdown.  One player was penalized fifteen yards last night for praying after he scored.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with best selling author Douglas Brunt.  Mr. Brunt describes the inside world of campaign politics.  He also talks about his life with his wife Fox News Personality Megyn Kelly.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the current state of the Boise State Broncos.  They disagree on whether or not fans should criticize the team.

Kevin Miller looks at the disclosure that the White House fence jumper was further into the White House than previously reported.  Kevin Miller and Dave wonder how secure is the first family with all these bungles by the Secret Service.