Kevin Miller gets the latest on ISIS from Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso.  Jeff tells Kevin Miller about the latest threat against another hostage.  Kevin Miller looks at MRAPs in Nampa.


Kevin Miller speaks with author Larry Cain about his new book Nampa.  Kevin Miller goes live to Washington DC to hear from Rachel Sutherland of Fox New Radio.  She updates Kevin Miller on the government's reaction to Ebola.

Kevin Miller takes calls on how the government is handling Ebola.


Kevin Miller speaks with child rights advocate Daniel Brockett.  Mr. Brockett wants to eliminate corporal punishment.  Kevin Miller took calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller interviews Bill Gertz from the Washington Free Beacon.  Mr. Gertz explains the administration's lack of coherent strategy in dealing with ISIS, ISIL, and the Taliban.  Mr. Gertz tells Kevin Miller that we are not prepared to handle China.


Kevin Miller speaks with Reed Hollinshead from ITD.  Reed details the lane changes happening on 84 around Eagle Road that start this afternoon.

The conversation shifts to state politics as callers discuss their picks for governor.


Kevin Miller and Alan L. Morton discuss the impact on Idaho the Supreme Court's non decision.  They take calls from listeners concerning marriage.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.  They go back and forth the upcoming election in Idaho.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's Seattle / Washington NFL Game.