Kevin Miller interviews Emily Wither from Fox News Radio on the latest ISIS threat.  Kevin Miller takes phone calls on listener reaction to ISIS in America.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association.  Bryan was one of the folks who wrote Idaho's protection of marriage law that was overturned by the Ninth Circuit.  Kevin Miller and Bryan take phone calls on the topic.


Kevin Miller goes live to Dallas interviewing Eben Brown of Fox New Radio.  Eben reports on the health of the 26 year old nurse who has contracted Ebola.  He gives Kevin Miller a first hand account of how officials are handling the outbreak in Texas.


Kevin Miller takes calls on Alma's imprisonment and Idaho's Gay Marriage Ban.  Several folks call in to voice their support for Alma.  Other people call in to urge Governor Otter to continue to fight for traditional marriage.


Kevin Miller speaks with Alma's husband Jim.  He updates Kevin Miller on how Alma is holding up at the jail.  Jim reports on John Bujak's visit to Alma yesterday.  Kevin Miller and Jim ask everyone to like the Free Alma Facebook page.


Kevin Miller gets the latest on ISIS and Ebola from former Congressman Le Boutillier.  The congressman goes over the mistakes made by the administration in fighting ISIS and preventing Ebola.

Kevin Miller reviews an anti-gun message from the TV Show Scandal.  He explains how entertainment promotes certain agendas.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Ebola threat in America.  Kevin Miller discusses the latest concerning Alma the Anti-Fracker who is still being held in jail.  They look at the latest concerning Idaho legalizing same sex marriage.