Kevin Miller interviews education advocate Don Nielson.  They look at how to reform education.  Kevin Miller takes calls on whether or not Ebola patients should be quarantined in Idaho.  Kevin Miller interviews Anne Little Roberts about the Young Entrepreneurial Program.


Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to Glenn Beck's take on Idaho.  Several folks say they're moving; while others insist they will fight for conservative Idaho Values.  Kevin Miller urges folks to stay in the Gem State.


Kevin Miller interviews Ada County Corner Erwin Sonnenberg.  He describes his career and takes his calls on the race to succeed him.


Kevin Miller shares a clip from the Glenn Beck Show about Idaho.  Glenn says Idaho and Boise have become home to the pantsless.  Kevin Miller takes listener reaction from his callers.


Kevin Miller speaks with Congressman Richard Stallings on why he's running again for congress.  Congressman Stallings blames most of the problems on the republicans and says President Obama will be viewed favorably by historians.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the new AJ Balukoff for Governor Ad.  AJ is dressed up as a goalie for the Idaho Steelheads.  A team he owns and runs today.  Kevin Miller and Dave look over the issues in education and other state issues.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss their removal from a popular supermarket yesterday while filming this video.