Kevin Miller talks to State School Superintendent Tom Luna about the funding of education in Idaho.  Kevin Miller and Tom Luna discuss the local levies that folks are voting on today.  They examine the controversy of the Idaho Core Standards and the Wi Fi program.


Kevin Miller interviews Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies.  They dispute the myth that America does not have enough native born high tech workers.  Kevin and Mark go over the possibility of an amnesty deal and what that would mean to the economy.


Kevin Miller interviews Rep. Matt Erpleding about the state legislature.  They discuss education funding, levies, add the words and a woman wearing a burka skiing downhill in an indoor facility in Dubai.


Kevin Miller is joined by Julie Lindy and attorney Matt Williams from the Cornerstone Family Council of Idaho.  They look at the conservative side of several issues including the 'add the words' campaign.  Kevin asks about the lawsuit filed against the state concerning marriage.



Kevin Miller examines the comments of Edward Snowden concerning the loss of privacy and the NSA.  Kevin wonders whether there is an elected official who will fight to restore the right to privacy.  Garret and Tom Munds call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller continues his coverage of the campus carry bill.  Miller wonders when and why the governor has not signed the bill yet.  Miller details the challenges the governor faces if the bill is not signed.  Kevin then looks at the Nampa Police Department's report on the Filer Police dog shooting.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the new TLC Show My five wives.  Kevin disagrees with the entire show and wants it pulled from the air.  Kevin talks about the levy issue that most voters will be voting on today.  Kevin profiles a story of an eighty year old couple asked to leave McDonalds because they were sitting too long.