Kevin Miller gets preview of the new congress from Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the new Idaho Legislature.


Kevin Miller discusses the economy in the Western States with Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council.  Kevin Miller reports on a new state law to limit alcohol purchases from convicted DUI offenders.


Kevin Miller goes live to London interviewing Simon Owen of Fox News Radio.  Simon reports on the death of two US Skiers yesterday.  They died while training for the Winter Olympics.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the new TLC Show 'My Husband is not Gay.'


Kevin Miller interviews gun rights attorney Alexandra Kincaid.  She goes over the tragic shooting in Hayden and gives practical gun safety tips for the audience.  Kevin Miller and Alexandra take calls from listeners answering questions on gun laws.


Kevin Miller examines whether or not the Treasure Valley appreciates local police.  He shares a debate between Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

Kevin Miller takes calls on a user fee for cars in Idaho.


Kevin Miller opens up the hour with a look at the new Idaho Statehouse.  He goes over the proposed schedule concerning taxes, medicaid, and the budget.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the low cost of gasoline.  Kevin Miller looks at the congressional opposition to the speaker of the house.  Kevin Miller examines whether or not the country has become too liberal.