Kevin Miller gets the latest on car news from the North American Auto Show from Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff previews the new brands that automakers will unveil next week.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the inappropriate jokes about Bill Cosby at the Golden Globes.


Kevin Miller is joined by Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini.  She reports the latest concerning her husband who is being held in an Iranian Prison.  Naghmeh tells Kevin Miller that she is fasting and praying for twenty one days for a breakthrough.


Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio. She reports on the hacking of military social media sites.  They discuss national security in the social media age.


Kevin Miller interviews defense and national security expert Kerry Patton.  Mr. Patton goes over the reaction to the terror attacks in France.  Kevin Miller and Kerry detail what is next in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Kevin Miller shares the acceptance speech of Michael Keaton from the Golden Globes Awards Show.  Kevin Miller states that Idaho State University has cancelled their order for AR15s.

Kevin Miller shares the verbal highlights from Governor Otter's state of the state address before the Idaho Legislature.  Miller looks at the budge for schools, roads, and law enforcement.


Kevin Miller and Dave review last night's College Football National Title Game between Ohio State and Oregon.  They debate why John Fox was fired from the Denver Broncos.