Kevin Miller predicts what the president will say when he speaks at Boise State.  He takes calls from listeners who will be attending tomorrow's speech.


Kevin Miller speaks with Julie Lynde from Conerstone Family Council.  She details how the 'Add the Words' legislation will hurt Idaho businesses.


Kevin Miller reports on a story about a man who was cited for eating while driving in Atlanta, Georgia.  He takes calls on the issue of distracted driving.


Kevin Miller goes one on one with Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center. They discuss presidential coverage of tonight's state of the union.

Kevin Miller takes calls on presidential visits to Idaho.


Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners predicting what will be the big presidential announcement in Idaho.  Several folks call in with their predictions.


Kevin Miller interviews Naghmeh Abedini on her campaign to speak to President Obama about her husband Pastor Saeed.  She urges folks to wear yellow tomorrow while attending the president's speech.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Idaho reaction MLK day.  They discuss racial relations in America today.  Kevin Miller reports on how many people have lined up for tickets to the president's speech.  He and Dave discuss the merits of the visit.