Kevin Miller goes live to Glendale, Arizona for a live report from Super Bowl Media Day from Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso.

Kevin Miller takes phone calls from folks commenting about the Add the Words hearing.


Kevin Miller interviews Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane.  He discusses how folks can get their unclaimed money back from the state.

Treasure Crane and Kevin Miller take phone calls about the state budget.


Kevin Miller goes live to India interviewing Fox News Radio Simon Owens, who's traveling with the president.  Simon goes over the president's itinerary and previews his trip to Saudi Arabia.


Kevin Miller interviews education activist Mila Wood about Common Core in Idaho Schools.  She reports on the unreported details of the Common Core Curriculum.


Kevin Miller explains the developing details concerning Idaho's Bowe Bergdahl. He takes calls on the issue.

Kevin Miller continues his coverage of the Add The Words Hearing.


Kevin Miller speaks with Julie Lynde reviewing day one of the Add the Words hearing at the State House.

Kevin Miller shares testimony from yesterday's hearing and takes calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at Super Bowl week in Phoenix, Arizona.  Kevin Miller looks at the comments of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kevin Miller reports on the latest involving Bowe Bergdahl.