Kevin Miller takes calls on the ISIS threat in America.  He interviews Phil Morisee on how the warm weather will impact the Summer season in the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller looks at the issue of state's rights verses gay marriage.  He speaks with Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio.


Kevin Miller speaks with Adrean Cavener, executive director of the Idaho Meth Project. Mrs. Cavener reveals the challenge of methamphetamine in the state of Idaho.  She gives helpful advice to parents on how to protect their kids from the meth.


Kevin Miller gets an update from Fox News Radio's Jon Decker from Washington DC.  Mr. Decker reports on the emerging field of 2016 presidential candidates.


Kevin Miller interviews Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  Greg says that house leadership has shelved the constitutional carry bill this year.  He asks folks to call the speaker to demand why this happened.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the lack of snow in the Treasure Valley.  They report it could have an impact on the water supply this Summer in Idaho.  Kevin Miller details the newest details involving Brian Williams.