Kevin Miller shares his interview with Senator Cameron.


Kevin Miller gets the details on the Millennial Generation from filmmaker Jake Greene. Mr. Greene profiles the life of millennial parents in his new web series.

Kevin Miller reports that Oregon may ban gay conversion therapy.


Kevin Miller looks at how safe America maybe without funding for the Department of Homeland Security.  Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio reports on the latest attempts to fund DHS from Washington DC.


Kevin Miller speaks with Representative Vito Barbieri from the Idaho State House Committee on State Affairs.  Representative Barbieri describes what happened yesterday and why the national media is on the attack.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to his interview.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Monoso from Fox News Radio.  Jeff is covering the American Sniper Trial.

Kevin Miller examines the media's interest in Idaho Politics.


Kevin Miller interviews Senator Dean Cameron about JFAC.  Senator Cameron gives detailed explanations concerning teacher salaries, textbooks, and the IEN.

Kevin Miller debates legalizing pot in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fallout from the Oscars.  Kevin Miller defends State Representative Vito Barbieri who has made national news.  Kevin Miller previews the next hour and shares a clip from Bill O'Reilly .