Kevin Miller details Joe Biden's thought's comparing the World Cup to American sports.  Biden claims the World Cup is the best ever.  Kevin Miller says not in America.  Kevin Miller details a possible move to amend the 2nd Amendment.


Kevin Miller interviews Rich Scheben who lives off the grid in Montana.  Rich shares survival tips and self reliance suggestions.  Kevin Miller takes calls for Rich and they discuss solar energy and life without indoor plumbing.


Kevin Miller is joined by Idaho Attorney General Candidate Chris Troupis.  They take a look at the state of the 2nd Amendment in Idaho and across the country.  Kevin Miller then takes calls on the right to keep and bear arms.


Kevin Miller speaks with Idaho Secretary of State Candidate Mitch Toryanski.  They discuss protecting the citizens against voter fraud, the lands issue, and the role of the state verses the BLM.


Kevin Miller takes calls on self reliance with Terry and Vanessa.  They offer practical tips on what to do when the electricity goes out, how to can food, and what to teach your children.


Kevin Miller discusses the postal service buying ammunition.  Kevin Miller is joined by Terry and Vanessa discussing their self reliance project in Idaho.  They discuss the dollar being devalued and the economic impact of such a move.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at the postal service buying ammunition.  Both ask why the postal service needs to buy ammo?  They discuss Kevin Miller's experience at the Jackson Store with the male clerk who has long painted nails.  Kevin Miller shares his 2am Blood Moon experience.