Kevin Miller interviews Josh Callahan from the Boise Veteran's Administration concerning new ID cards and what the public can do to help local veterans.  Terry from State College, PA. call in to promote his readiness meeting tonight.  Ronnie from Caldwell expresses his love for the Bunny Ranch, not Bundy Ranch, in Nevada.


Kevin Miller is joined by Utah State Representative Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council.  They discuss the battle between the West and the Feds over who owns the land.  Rep. Ivory reports on the historic meeting in Salt Lake last week involving over 50 state legislators from nine mountain west states.


Kevin Miller is joined by Laura Perkins who discusses her families battles with the BLM.  She speaks about her family's thirty year fight to save her family's ranch.  Kevin asks her about her lawsuit against the Feds.   The lawsuit has been going on for twenty three years.  Laura details the attitude of the BLM agents when they stormed her home.  She continues to talk about the way the Feds harassment of her brother.


Kevin Miller looks at the cost of Obama Care on local residents.  Larry Gebert calls in with a weather update on today's rain.  Several folks call in to give alternatives to Obama Care Act.


Kevin Miller plays a clip of Jimmy Fallon making fun of Hillary Clinton for wearing men's clothes.  Kevin gives a heartfelt tribute to the runners of the Boston Marathon.  He then discusses and takes calls on rising gas prices.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Earth Day and take a look at a few funny videos on the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Dave discusses his dealing with goats in reference to a video featuring a goat attacking several people.  Kevin Miller details the addition of the Hayworth Family Carnival to the Boise Music Festival.