Kevin Miller interviews Scott McEwen, best selling author of American Sniper.  He discusses the making of the movie American Sniper.  Scott gives his first hand account of working with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.  Kevin asks Scott about his new book Target America.



Kevin Miller welcomes Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue to Miller's Mission.  They take a look at the need to help the mission.  The sheriff discusses the Man Up Crusade and its growth across America.  Sheriff Donahue explains the need for a new Canyon County Jail.


Kevin Miller is joined by Terry from the Lighthouse discussing what the residents are looking for this Summer.  Terry shares the story of his son donating half his savings account to the mission.  Kevin discloses that home values in the Treasure Valley have risen.


Kevin Miller speaks with Meagan from Boise Rescue Mission discussing Miller's Mission Day 2.  They take a look at the needs of the Valley Women and Children's Shelter and the Lighthouse Mission for men.


Kevin Miller welcomes the return of Brenda Weber.  Brenda worked tirelessly to raise awareness for Sgt. Bergdahl's plight.  She and Kevin discuss her works and the reaction to the return of Bergdahl.  Kevin then takes calls from listeners expressing their views on the president's decision to release the Taliban 5.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the wind that tore down the broadcast center last night.  Kevin describes working all night to get the broadcast facility up and running.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest stories involving Idaho's Bowe Bergdahl.