Kevin Miller takes a hard look at the opposition to campus carry.  Several prominent educators have spoken out against the bill.  Kevin takes calls concerning guns, jobs, and higher education.  He shares the case of Renee McKenzie that appears in today's paper.


Colonel Tim Marsano joins Kevin Miller to discuss the Apache and A10 programs at Gowen Field.  The latest Bowe Bergdahl story is discussed and the missions of the Idaho Army and Air National Guard.


Representative Matt Erpelding checks in to debate the AG Gag Bill with Kevin Miller.  Kevin and the Representative Erpelding look at the campus carry bill.


Kevin examines two religious freedom bill one in Idaho and the other in Arizona.  Kevin details why the Idaho bill was withdrawn and why Arizona is debating its passing.  Kevin continues to make the case to champion constitutional freedoms.


Kevin takes a realistic look at the layoffs at Maximus and Simplot.  He continues to discuss the impact locally of the announced military cutbacks on local jobs involving the A10 and Apache Helicopters.


Kevin and Tim Graham from the Media Research Center take a look at media bias, Jimmy Fallon embracing and promoting the Obamas, and the FCC monitoring newsrooms across the country.


Kevin and Dave debate the behavior of Leon Rice after winning a close game last week.  Dave defended Rice, while Kevin said his behavior was inappropriate.  They took a look at the NFL penalizing players for saying the Nword.

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