Kevin Miller gets the latest on the Facebook First Amendment Case from Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to Rachel's report.

Kevin Miller looks at the ISIS threat on the US Military in America.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rich Sheben who advocates for living off the grid.  Rich shares with Kevin Miller how to become self sufficient.  He gives exclusive tips on how you can grow your own food anywhere.


Kevin Miller continues to take listener reaction to the Ferguson Fallout.  The topic quickly changes to police behavior in Idaho.


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso discussing the latest in the Fegurson case.  Kevin Miller shares audio clips of various news makers sounding off on racial justice in America.


Kevin Miller speaks with Eben Brown from Fox News Radio.  They discuss the last election in the 2014 cycle involving the seat in Louisiana Senate Seat.

Kevin Miller takes calls on Ray Rice's chances of playing again in the NFL.  He profiles a Boise State player who needs a kidney transplant.


Kevin Miller interview Naghmeh Abedini about her husband Pastor Saeed who is still being held in Iran.  She shares with Kevin Miller her faith in God.  They go over the differences between Iran and America.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Ray Rice Fallout out.  They look at the media attention on the issue of domestic violence.  Kevin Miller looks at the Bronco player who needs a kidney transplant.