Tis the season for Congress to return from Easter break and cherry blossoms in Washington DC.  Fortunately we've got a lot of photos for your patriotic enjoyment.  We start with the cherry blossoms outside the Capitol Building.  It's amazing how beautiful they are and how many people travel to DC to view them.

We then take a look at the beautiful rotunda itself.  You can see the extensive outside renovations.  The repairs are so detailed that the inside of the capitol is covered in tarp to protect visitors to the Hill.  A special thanks to Billy the Intern from Congressmen Simpson's office who gave us the guided tour today.  Let's roll to the inside.

The star shaped object that you see is the spot where George Washington was supposed to be buried.  That didn't happen, but that very object is the exact center of the nation's capitol.  It is in the crypt of the capitol.  Yes, they call it that, even though Washington was not buried in the Capitol.  You'll see a few statues.  We now move on to the inside of the great rotunda.

The rotunda tells the story of America with statues and pictures.  You'll see pictures of great moments in our country's history immortalized in art.  You'll also see monuments to great presidents like Reagan, Grant, and Washington.  You'll also see  Constantino Brumidi"s Apotheosis of Washington.  (For more information click here.)

Our tour continues to historic statuary hall, which was the original chamber of the House of Representatives.  The plaques on the floor are presidents who were congressmen.  You'll see Abe Lincoln's and John Quincy Adams' markers.  The markers are placed where they actually sat.  John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke on that spot and died two days later.  Adams is the only president to run and win a congressional seat after being president.

The statue above in statuary hall is the Statue of Liberty giving Congress the Constitution.  We continue on with ladies and liberties with a photo of Liberty inside the newly created Capitol Visitors Center.  This is the exact side and replica of the statue that sits above the Capitol.  We end our first day of photos with an evening look outside the US Supreme Court building.

We realize how blessed we are to live in America.  I will continue to provide you with more photos and videos.  Please share with your friends or enjoy them with your family.  I wish I could bring all of you with me here in DC.  Since I can't bring you to DC, yet, I'll work to bring DC to you!