Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Mike Crapo from Washington D.C.  Senator Crapo breaks down the rise in meat and poultry prices.  Kevin and Senator Crapo discuss the Benghazi arrest, Pastor Saeed, and rising fuel prices.


Kevin Miller is joined by Senator Jim Risch from Washington D.C.  Senator Risch explains his perspective on Iraq, Bowe Bergdahl, and the Benghazi arrest.

Kevin Miller exclusively speaks with the chairman of the Idaho State Republican Party Barry Peterson.  Barry explains that a solution to the platform and leadership impasse could occur this Thursday.  He pledges to call Kevin Friday morning with the latest.


Kevin Miller speaks with Emily Wither from Fox News Radio live from Jerusalem.  They discuss the latest news on Iraq.  Emily details the movements of the insurgents.  Kevin and she look at the lack of Western response to the crisis outside the United States.


Kevin Miller interview Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio regarding Hillary Clinton's interview last night on the Fox News Channel.  They talk issues and the World Cup.  Jeff tells Kevin he was a soccer fullback.


Kevin Miller goes live to Washington to speak with Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  Mr. Halpern reports on the race for majority leader.  He explains the background story behind the Benghazi arrest.


Kevin Miller interviews New York Times Best Selling Author Stephen Hunter on his new book Sniper's Honor.  Stephen explains his research behind his best seller.  Kevin asks about the Russia / Ukraine relationship.  Mr. Hunter explains the need of most of us to want to write a book.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the possible Bowe Bergdahl movies that are now in early production.  Kevin continues his questioning of the popularity of the World Cup.  He believes people are talking about it because the media is dictating its popularity.  Kevin plays the Brian Williams Big Butt parody and gets reaction.