Kevin Miller takes calls on the new state speed limit, payday loan restrictions, and campus carry.  Kevin Miller says we need more gun freedoms in Idaho.


Kevin Miller interviews branding and social media strategist Justin Foster.  Mr. Foster goes over his new book Human Bacon.  He advises local businesses what they have to do to differentiate themselves in today's hyper competitive world.  Kevin and Mr. Foster look at the generational differences between boomer, gen xers, and millennials.


Kevin Miller is joined by Michelle Pollino from Fox News Radio.  They discuss the life and death of Michael Jackson.  Kevin Miller looks at new laws that will become official July 1st.  He examines the impact the conceal carry law will have on local colleges and schools.


Kevin Miller speaks with State Senator and former GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Russ Fulcher.  They look the economy, the 2nd Amendment, and a possible increase in the fuel tax.  Kevin and Senator Fulcher look at the recent controversy involving GOP leadership.


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Radio's Emily Wither.  Emily reveals her past as a music reporter and comments on the 5th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.  She then reports on the insurgents taking over the oil fields in Iraq.

Kevin Miller looks at the soccer player biting another one during a game.  He examines the IRS scandal.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with best selling author Homer Hickem.  Homer explains why America needs to return to space.  He invites Kevin and everyone to visit him in Huntsville, Alabama.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the biting incident during yesterday's World Cup Match.  Kevin continues his pooh poohing of the World Cup.  Dave brings up Gary Oldman's comments about liberal Hollywood.  Kevin and Dave debate what happens when someone calls you out.