Kevin Miller speaks with Troy Cooper from www.fightlikeachamp.org.  Troy encourages folks to come out to Star this Saturday night for a benefit concert.


Kevin Miller is joined by best selling author Stephen Hunter.  Mr. Hunter describes his research for his new book Sniper's Honor.  Mr. Hunter gives budding authors his proven success suggestions for becoming published.


Kevin Miller speaks Nicole Cassity from 'Paddle out Cancer' on the Boise River this weekend.  Nicole shares her story and invites everyone to come out and support a great cause.


Kevin Miller interviews Dennis Michael Lynch who is a documentary filmmaker.  Mr. Lynch details his first hand accounts of the border crisis.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Pat Buchanan.  Pat speaks about his new book and the state of America.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at Peyton Manning's appearance in Boise.  Dave looks at NC State playing the Broncos in basketball.  Kevin goes on about the new football schedule for Boise State.