Kevin Miller and Walt from Nampa go back and forth on Canyon County Politics.  Fox News Radio Simon Owen checks in from London commenting on the Ukraine verses Russian conflict.  Kevin shares a detailed look at the history of the region provided by Paul Joseph Watson.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff details plans for a possible 'kill switch' on cell phones.  If the phones were stolen their information would be erased.  Kevin Miller reports on a Portland cab driver who kicked a lesbian couple out of his cab.


Canyon County Kieran Donahue joins Kevin Miller in studio.  They discuss the Man Up Crusade, funding for the new jail, and the campus carry bill.  Tony Snesko and Chris in Kuna



Kevin Miller plays a clip of Sarah Palin comparing Putin to Obama.  Tom Munds calls in to talk about the protest at the statehouse.  Kevin Miller jabs Jimmy Fallon for slipping against Jimmy Kimmel.


Idaho Steve Ackerman from The College of Idaho and the Gem State Patriot joins Kevin Miller discussing several issues.  They take a look at the school levy issue, the upcoming primary, the legislature, and the governor's race.



Kevin Miller and Dave Burnett take a look as Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.   They discuss the 'add the words' folks blocking the governor's office yesterday.  Kevin and Dave take a look at economic development.

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