Kevin Miller goes live to Fox News Radio's Steve Taylor concerning the latest on the killings in Afghanistan.  Kevin Miller reveals that the government has created four hundred new laws since 2008.


Kevin Miller speaks with William Gheen from Americans for Legal Immigration Pac.  Mr. Gheen details the financial impact of the border crisis.  Kevin Miller opens up the phone lines and they take calls from several listeners.


Kevin Miller takes calls concerning speaking English and illegal immigrants taking jobs.  Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio's Simon Owen live from London.  Mr. Owen reports on the attempt by the European Union's Space Agency's attempt to catch a comet.


Kevin Miller speaks with Garden City Mayor John Evans.  They discuss the state of the smoking ban, jobs, and economic development in the Treasure Valley.

Kevin Miller shares an email from a listener who lost her business because of illegal aliens.  He plays a clip from Sean Hannity who is broadcasting his show from Israel.


Kevin Miller shares the ten best states to spend your retirement.  He reports on a principal who was fired because she asked her students to speak English in school.  Kevin Miller took listener calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller interviews consumer advocate Sandy Botkin about the growing student loan problem.  Sandy shares real life tips on how to control student and financial debt.  Kevin Miller examines the recent attacks in Afghanistan.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Ebola Virus and whether or not infected folks should be allowed into America.  Kevin Miller and Dave examine the latest in the Gaza War between Israel and Hamas.