Kevin Miller is joined by Stephen Yates Chairman of the state Republican Party.  They review his plan for rebuilding the state party.


Kevin Miller is joined by Senator Mike Crapo in studio.  They discuss local, state, and national issues.


Kevin Miller looks at the possibility that the state raising gas taxes to pay for the roads.  He takes calls on the issue and looks at the recent controversy in Canyon County.


Kevin Miller interviews Kyle Olson from the Education Action Group.  They look at the administration's school lunch program and how schools are struggling to implement it.  They take calls from listeners who question the program.


Kevin Miller looks at the violence in Missouri and compares it to life in Idaho.  Kevin then looks at the healthcare coverage of state workers verses workers in the private sector.  Kevin takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane.  He goes over the state's finances and challenges his opponent to a debate with Kevin.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Missouri Race Riots.  This leads to a conversation about race in America.  Kevin shares his experience dealing with the Civil Rights issues and his debates with the NAACP.