Kevin speaks East Junior High School Principal Dave Greene.  They discuss the differences between students attending high school and junior high.  Mr. Greene details how the new building has helped students learn.


Kevin Miller is joined by parents Lorianne Kerr and Leslie Wagner discussing their thoughts on Common Core in Idaho.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the first segment and teacher tenure.


Kevin Miller interviews a three cheerleaders from East Junior High School.  The students share their goals post high school with Kevin.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the ISIS / ISIL threat.


Kevin Miller listens to the choir sing the national anthem.  He is joined by math teachers Josh McConnell and Azra Boxnjck.  Both teachers explain how to motivate kids to excel in math.  They give practical tips on how parents can help their kids with math problems.

Kevin Miller discusses the ISIS/ISIL threat with his callers.


Kevin Miller interviews Kate Anderson and Dan Cudworth while the orchestra plays.  Kevin and the teachers look at how technology has changed education.

Kevin Miller examines the Tony Stewart case and a recent study saying that Idaho drivers are the rudest in the country.


Kevin Miller speaks with East Side Junior High School Teachers Chuck Johnson and Greg Sasser.  Both teachers discuss their successes with their students at East Side Junior High.

Kevin Miller looks at the Adrian Peterson story and agrees that he shouldn't be playing this week.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest announcement concerning Ebola.  They compare the president's efforts fighting Ebola verses fighting ISIS.  Kevin Miller looks at the Minnesota Vikings deciding not to allow Adrian Peterson to play this Sunday.